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By The Time This Gets to Nashville... It Won't Matter.
By The Time This Gets to Nashville... is  basically collection of straight whiskey no chaser country ballads I wrote over the past decade or so to square accounts on some things.  It's the kind of music my dad would play for me in the jukebox in a bar when I was a kid, while we played pool, or in his pick up when I'd go to see him sometimes.  I wish he was around to hear them.
I was lucky enough to have some great players contribute to this album...
Sojin Kaya Park, backing vocals / SongAh Chae, piano / Stephen Adkisson, bass / Patrick Cho, Mandolin / Geordan Sherd, drums / Lance Reegan-Diehl, lead guitar.  I played rhythm guitar and sang.
(Recorded, mixed and mastered at DEELEEBOB Studio, Haebang Chon, Seoul)
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