Tell My Boss I'm Dead
Tell My Boss I'm Dead is a collection of  blues, country, bluegrass, folk, rockabilly and even an Irish rocker ("Colleen, Colleen").
We recorded it at the sound stage at V Lounge in Haebang Chon, Seoul and it was mixed and mastered at DEELEEBOB Studios.
On the album was Vince "Sticky Fingers" Schachner, lead guitar / Sojin Kaya Park, backing vocals and ukelele, / The Mountain Man... "Hammerin'" Tim Henkels,  rhythm mandolin / Andy Yi,  double bass / Geordan Sherd, drums / Youngran Lim, Banjo / Patrick Cho, Lead Mandolin / Alex Lim, Dobro.  I played  rhythm guitar, sang and played pocket train.
This was originally distributed online through Ruby Records in 2016.  I own the rights to the album and the songs, and am seeking representation for this album or to license the songs.
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